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"Home Education is about the individual moulding life into shape, and not vice versa."

The Educationsense site is about to evolve! I am currently working on a new version to integrate it with some of my other websites, so check back soon and let me know what you think!
Children are not all the same
No two children are the same, so why do the majority go to school?
You will notice that this site is biased towards Home Education. I am not 'anti-school'. The aim of this site is to help parents and children to make informed decisions together as to which style of education, and which method of delivery, will be best for each child.  I also offer down-to-earth support, resources, products, services and camps, by home educators for home educators.  The home education information on this site is relevant in the UK (England), but most of the tools and services are accessed by users worldwide.  If you would like to tell me about Home Education in your country, I would be very happy to include the information on the Educationsense site.

The Yurt

Going to a Camp?

If you are off to a camp this year, check out my Camping Hints and Tips. The page is full of information and ideas about what you can expect, and what to take with you. Watch out for changes to that page as I am updating it...

Do you have a positive HE story to tell?

I am currently collecting stories about home education experiences for the Inspired Minds section of the website. If you had a wonderful day home educating, or if you would like to tell the story of how you came to be a home educator, I would be delighted to add your story to my pages in order to inspire others. Please contact me if you would like to contribute.

The Clearing
The ClearingTM De-Clutter Pages
House a mess? Can't see the wood for the trees? Panic no more - you've found The Clearing!
The discussion list for people who want to de-clutter their homes and their lives. The list is primarily aimed at home educators, since it is especially important for us to make as much space available in our homes as possible. We have a weekly plan for those who would like to work to a schedule and the discussion lists enable us to share ideas and support each other. To learn more about the list, please visit the associated pages. The section will normally be updated on a weekly basis, so please check back regularly as we add lots of useful information!
In addition to the de-clutter pages, I will shortly offer a new website for people who are interested in time management, and other personal competences.

The World Is My Classroom
Home Educators' Theme Guides

Families new to home education often wonder how it all works, but especially want to know how to go about planning lessons. In England, there is no need to plan lessons, or to take any kind of 'formal approach' to your child's education at all. In time, you will see what kind of style will best suit your family circumstances, and then everything will fall into place. Be relaxed, self assured and above all, enthusiastic!

The Theme Guides are meant to inspire you to tailor your own child's education around his/her interests, and also as a quick source of help for those times when your child's demand for education exceeds the rate of supply! Please tell me what you think of the Theme Guides.

The first guide is based around buoyancy/flotation: How can large things float on water, when a little stone sinks to the bottom of the sea? There's plenty there for all levels of ability and, if there's interest, I'll add more guides as I find the time...

Do you long to announce to the world your status as a home educator?
My HE t-shirt designs will be available online soon! Car stickers already available - see the Special Offers page!
Do you wish you could find someone to help you with your interests?
Look no further! Our free skills database will be available shortly. Whether you need a quick answer, or a mentor, we hope you will find the help you need in our database of enthusiasts.
Similarly, if you are passionate about something, come and enter your details to give someone else a hand...

The Gaudy Identificator Competition
Nope, sorry - we're not going to tell you what this is all about just yet...
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